The Ella May Centre - for Homebirth and Midwifery care

The Ella May Centre started as a sole trading midwifery service and grew into a midwifery practice that is now known as Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond. We currently have six midwives who work together to provide our clients with the best possible care 

Robyn Dempsey, Melanie Jackson, Hannah Dahlen, Emma Fitzpatrick, Janine O'Brien, Jane Palmer
Our Midwifery Practice celebrates, encourages and facilitates minimal intervention birthing and an experience where women and their families can feel informed, safe and in control. 
About the Midwives
Melanie Jackson
The Ella May Centre is owned and operated  by Melanie Jackson. Melanie has a passion for assisting mothers to have  an uninterrupted 
physiological birth and loves to assist families who wish to have a homebirth. Melanie is a registered Nurse and Midwife has been attending women at birth since 2008. She has recently completed her PhD on 'Birthing out side the System' at the University of Western Sydney and also holds qualifications in Nutrition, herbal medicine, massage and homeopathy. In 2012 Melanie had her first baby in the comfort of her Blue Mountains home. Melanie Provides midwifery services to families living all over the Blue Mountains, Hawksbury & Western Suburbs and can offer a flexible and accomodating service that best suits your needs.

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Jane Palmer
Jane Palmer is a midwife in private practice located in Sydney. With additional qualifications as a childbirth educator and lactation consultant Jane supports families throughout the greater metropolitan area of Sydney. Qualifying as a midwife in the beginning of 1997, the majority of her midwifery practice has been outside of the hospital  supporting women birthing at home. Jane is the owner and operator of 'Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond' and works collaboratively with the Ella May Centre to provide Mothers, children and their families with Midwifery care. 

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Robyn Dempsey
I completed my midwifery training in 1990 at a Sydney hospital. Since then I have birthed all three of my babies at home with the care of a loving midwife.The care and respect these women showed me after the birth of my 1st son gave me the confidence to start my own midwifery practice. Hence the New Beginnings Midwifery Practice was born, in December 1996. I believe that childbirth is a very special moment in a woman and her family's life that needs to be nurtured carefully by someone that knows her and will respect her wishes. Robyn is a Privately Practicing midwife and National Co-ordinator of the Australian Society of Independent Midwives

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Hannah Dahlen
Hannah is one of the founding members of Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond and in addition to her commitments as a midwifery researcher at University, she provides clinical assistance, homebirth support and continued evidence based guidance to our Private group Practice. Hannah has been a midwife for many years and has an amazing array of expereinces to draw from a she cares for her clients both in the community and in hospital
If you wish to engage Hannah as your midwife please contact the Ella May Centre
Emma Fitzpatrick
Emma Fitzpatrick is a midwife located in the Hawkesbury, and commenced practice with Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond, Private Midwifery group practice in 2011. Emma has over 11 years  extensive experience working with women and their families throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. With a background  of practising midwifery in a clinical setting, Emma birthed her first three children within a hospital setting, then had the incredible pleasure of birthing her fourth baby safely at home in the water.
Emma is experienced in supporting women and their families in antenatal education, breastfeeding and lactation support, surrogacy support and induced lactation, as well as supporting women to birth physiologically in both clinical and home setting. Emma has a passion for homebirth, and aims to see Homebirth in the Hawkesbury as a valid care option for women and their families.

To contact Emma please feel free to call or email:
0432 724 103
Service providers Partnering with
'The Ella May Centre'
'Yoga and Beyond' 
Gigi is an experienced mother, educator, life skills coach, counsellor and yoga teacher. Gigi is the owner and operator of 'Yoga and Beyond'. She has a passion for promoting health and wellness within herself and for her clients. Yoga and Beyond have been small business award finalists 2 years running. 

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